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User experience is that intangible yet integral component on an interface, which is measured by the user satisfaction that is derived while browsing your website. The rating of a good UX design is governed by its user-friendliness. This in turn translates to a higher probability of leads and conversions. An engaging and happy user experience is bound to leave a trail for the user to come back and explore more on your website. UX designs therefore form the cornerstone of your website design. They need to be intelligent and intuitive, to anticipate and respond to user behaviour and psychology.

Some of the Key Elements of a Good UX Design Are :-

  1. Usability: This element defines the ease with each the tasks on the interface are completed. It could be something as simple an action as clicking a button to trigger an event, the response time , and the display format of the result. A chain of events are associated with every usable component of a UX design, which has to be optimized for ease, simplicity and quickness.

  3. Product value-Projection value: The user experience is also driven by the product on offer. How well the product satisfies the user needs, determines whether the experience is going to be worth the while or not. The UX design should be tweaked in a way to showcase the best relatability between the user and the product. In short, the UX design should be able to add value to the product and demonstrate the same to the user.

  5. Accessibility & Adoptability: How adoptable is your website interface on varying platforms/devices/browsers will pay a vital role in delivering a pleasant user experience. A website that hangs with certain browsers or user interface components that take a long time to load, or a roundabout navigation for a simple task, makes your site poorly accessible. With the increase in mobile access to websites, UX designs need to be geared up, for greater flexibility.

  7. Emotional Appeal/Desirability: The emotional appeal associated with a product/service to a large extent determines its usability as well. How the product plays around the psychology and emotions of a user is vital as to the level of engagement it can strike. An attractive UX design with lots of visual appeal can go a long way in bagging the deal for your business.

The chief elements of a UX design, work in a collaborative fashion to deliver the ultimate/unsurpassed user experience . With the aim to deliver customer satisfaction and user happiness, Pixint’s UX designs are research-intensive to deliver the best for your business, by projecting the best to your user!

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