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Why the need for consistency in all design avenues? Because that’s what the Industry giants and famous companies have been practicing for long. So, if it is necessary to maintain design and style consistency, then the style guide also is also a necessity. Because the consistency can be achieved only through this style guide. So, is it enough to create the pattern library and style guide, or is it also necessary for the style guide to be unique. Let’s explore more about this in this post.

Creating The Much Needed Pattern Library

    The pattern library cannot be composed and completed in a day. It needs a long term vision and work. There are numerous attributes to be taken care of. Apart from the various attributes in the style guide, there are also many platforms for which the style guide needs to be suitable. So, the pattern library must be defined suitable for all devices and platforms. The same style guide will be applied for brochure, business card, logo, letterheads and most importantly in websites or in some cases the software.

Maintaining Consistency Even Within Style Guide

    The style guide by itself should not be complicated and missing in some areas. It should be able to answer all the future questions when any design task is executed. So, it should be both futuristic and visionary. The color code, icon gallery, card and snippet design and many other things ought to be defined here. The uniqueness within the style guide thus is a daunting task, but if it’s pulled off successfully, then the final design output will be extraordinarily seamless.

Much Needed Corrections And Updates

    The review system also should be set up at the initial stage itself. Then only some feedback shall be implemented without much effort. It should be contemporary and up-to-date with respect to style followed. The corrections are sure to come, and it must be made easier to imbibe them without much change in the consistent style. The typography, look and feel of the design elements also should be considered. The technical aspects shall be mentioned only as an outline without much intricate detail, as they are supposed to upgrade frequently.

Thus the style guide definition must be coherent, singular and unified at the first hand. When it comes to uniqueness of the style guide, it is not that much important to be kept in mind every time. Because once completed, every style guide would be unique.

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