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By 2015, there will be 3 billion internet users in this world. This number is only going to rise further at an even quicker pace. This will lead to the situation, where every one person among two individuals will have internet access by 2018. This much traffic in the Internet world provides both opportunities and some risk factors. As this number increases, the security for this large number of users, the wide range of software developed for them need to be considered.


Updated versions of software


Every software after being released will find subsequent updates, after the bugs are fixed and feedback being implemented. So, even though the security aspect of the release version of software is well managed, the security for the software updates also needs to be taken care of. The software developers these days release a separate update dedicated to the security of the software application alone. So, it is highly important to release security updates for any software application for that matter.


Permanently commissioned Security Inspector


The security issues of a software application are not something, which alerts by giving some signs before the breach. There may be some instances of security threats that too may not happen in all the cases. So, the security threats ought to be anticipated even before its signs and actual occurrence. For this to happen, there must be dedicated set of people to oversee the security flaws, pinpoint them and ready the patches for the respective flaws.


2014-Year of security breach


Some of the biggest headlines and most affected companies in 2014 are Sony, Target, Staples and JP Morgan Chase. The list doesn’t end here, but also includes few more giants. One other common misconception of security breaches is attackers only target the larger organizations. This theory is extremely flawed. Every organization is a target for a security breach. And the past year is a sound proof of that fact.


The importance of Vulnerability Intelligence


Vulnerability is a flaw that can be exploited by a hacker or a cyber criminal to compromise the system. Vulnerability intelligence provides one of the layers of information that helps determine the risk profile for systems and users. This management can help you determine how to prioritize your efforts based on vulnerability intelligence, a predictive threat model and data classification, essentially supporting your decisions on remediation or mitigation.


It is virtually impossible to have any network 100% safe even with all known vulnerabilities mitigated, there’s the threat from e.g. zero-day vulnerabilities to high-risk vulnerabilities that only cyber criminals know about, to which there are no vendor patches or other verified mitigation. But ensuring due diligence in security can make life much more difficult for these attackers. Intelligence is a game changer when it comes to the most effective way to reduce the attack for cyber criminals. And consistent software updates is the way out to implement this.

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