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The mobile app development is in its beginning stage and will continue to generate with an impressive of $38 billion by 2015. With the forthcoming years, there will be a lucrative market of mobile applications across various mobile operating systems. The development of the mobile application is improving at a fast pace with respect to the ease of development. Regarding the usage and marketing, let us see the upcoming trends in 2015.

It Is Not Only Phones That Are Becoming Smarter

Indian Prime Minister Modi spoke about Spoke about ‘Smart cities’ in 2014. It was not a standalone event or discussion regarding the smart factor of the world around. The technology drives people and the world in whole. There is another discussion regarding the ‘Internet of things’ which is of considerate importance. So, the mobile application development ought to take care of the integration of the application across devices and platforms. The integration also needs to be done across wearable objects too. Samsung has already developed a smart watch, and Apple is in the process of doing so. This clearly indicates that the mobile application developers need to consider integration in mind too during development.

Swiftness and Security of Mobile Application Development

With the demand for applications on a continuous rise, the mobile application developers are always expected to be on their toes. So, as a basic solution, the development life cycles need to be reduced and each one’s time duration shortened. The time taken from ideation till release will definitely be reduced in 2015. So, the swiftness of mobile application development looks promising. But, the security of the mobile application doesn’t look that much promising. The security gaps are almost always exploited by hackers. So the security should be tightened.

Single Page Apps and Their User Interface

With the advent of HTML 5 and new JavaScript features, the applications’ user experience gets to a whole new level. The single page application development looks easier, but efficiently designing it and presenting it needs attention and planning. The latest trend in UI is the Motion UI, where the application works smoothly. Other UI components too are too widely available for the developers for their perusal.

Responsive Design and Web API

More app developers will build web APIs, utilized by their web app and their native apps. This is already starting to happen, and will almost certainly increase in popularity as a single codebase is a lot easier to maintain. The responsiveness of mobile application needs higher importance owing to the variety – Apple Watch, Google Glass and Oculus Rift. The developers should consider all these devices and features, and the Semantic UI comes to their rescue at times.

These are the top mobile app development trends that are expected to be commonly seen in the applications in the year 2015. Create a ravishing mobile presence, by developing an effective and efficient mobile application while keeping the aforementioned trends in mind.

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