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Hedge investments are funds or money invested in different channels, with the purpose of ‘hedging’ (reducing) the risks’ that come with such investments.

Hedging the risks involve a variety of market tools and techniques (short-selling and derivatives) to maximize the fund value.  But in certain cases the hedge funds do not work towards risk reduction; rather the negative potential of a high risk factor is utilized to reap the maximum return from the investment.


Hedge funds cater to niche investors: mainly professional investors and the affluent, willing to make a huge initial investment, and are most popular in the US. A hedge investor pays a certain performance fee to his/her investment manager.


Contrary to long-term conservative investments, hedge funds are invested in a wider range of trading activities that include shares, debt, commodities.


Though hedge funds are somewhat similar to mutual funds, hedge investments are exempt from many regulations laid down by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Most of these exemptions include scrapping off restrictions on short-selling, the use of derivatives and leverage and the extent of liquidity of interests in the funds.


Hedge funds are usually concentrated in markets that deal in trading with derivatives and distressed debts. Apart from the attractive factors of light regulations with performance fees, hedge fund investments involve huge money. With the per-investor contribution being high; sky-jumping the net asset value of the funds to billions of dollars.


Any investment portfolio, demands a keen-watch, streamlining its funds through the market volatility, prompting risk management, risk mitigation and a string of operations to maximize fund value. If all these operations consolidate under one interface, where investors and investment managers correlate on a common platform, monitoring the fund value, the cash flow and the fund movement, it gives greater scope for performance. Because both the parties involved in the hedge fund are up to date about the market uptrend and downslides and at the same time well sounded on opportunities and prospects that can be cashed in for fund growth.  An interface provided by the Internet technology gives room for ‘mutual’ hedge investment prospects, as the interested investor can also provide valuable tips to the investment manager in the existing market scenario.


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