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Every business relies on a bunch of software applications to take care of their various processes. These software applications are used to communicate, store, retrieve and process a lot of sensitive information about the business. So, if it is attacked or tampered, the loss is usually huge and incalculable because one can’t tell how the attacker would use the information against the business. In spite of the various measures businesses take to develop and use secured software, there are stories floating in the developers’ world every now and then about systems hacked, software tampered, firewalls fooled, and so on.


There are several challenges that the developers face while developing software applications which deal with sensitive information. The challenges vary based on factors such as complex information handling, authentication procedures necessary, degree of confidentiality of information that is processed, skill level of staff, and so on. One’s really walking on thin ice when developing secure applications for businesses.


Here are some of the challenges you would face when developing secure software applications.


Virtual Blind Spots: These blind spots are hard to be detected until something undesirable happens. Any firewall or SSL would look like they’re the best in guarding your information. Only when a hacker jumps in out of the blue, developers would come to know about such blind spots which were non-existent in their knowledge until then. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for even strongly skilled developers to detect such blind spots at the coding stage. However, it is not completely impossible to guard your software if you use the right techniques.


Complex Privilege Levels: There may be several users of the software applications with different privilege levels. A hacker needn’t always tamper your security system in order to gain access to the confidential information you have stored in your application. It is enough if they find out the bugs of the system in order to tap information. When an application has to be developed with complex privilege levels, it is always a challenge to the developer to only allot a set of privileges to each type of user based on their authentication details. This becomes more challenging especially when hundreds of users are involved. That being said, there are ways to keep hackers away from your information if you employ the right methods of authentication and take good care of your security system of the software.


Firewall Limitations: There are limitations to any Firewall we may try to establish. Walk with me as I point out the reasons why your Firewall is not sometimes effective or lets hackers break in. Any Firewall is equipped to only detect threats coming from lower layers. Hackers sometimes use HTTP requests to gain entry, which your Firewall accepts without a single moment of delay and there goes your information out into the whole wide world. There are ways to stay on the safe side and all it takes is to make an effort to use coding techniques well.


SSL Limitations: When users send in encrypted queries, SSLs sometimes fail to realize it’s not from a genuine source. Hence, information is transferred easily to the party seeking it.


How to Prevent?


There are definitely some smart techniques that you need to employ at various levels of developing the software, in order to develop a secure software.


    1. Use security as a criteria to be considered right from the beginning. When you think about security in the mid way of development, it is going to be very difficult to implement it or literally, insert it into the codes. This also results in you overlooking potential areas of threat.


    1. Do test your codes and the final version of your software for such threats. Develop scenarios under which hacking may occur and test your software against such threats.


    1. Keep testing regularly even after deploying the software if very confidential information is being handled by the software.


Pixint is expert in building software that is secure. When you use our services, you can rest assured that your information will be handled securely by the software we develop. For more details, contact us now.

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